Professional Podcasting

Reach your customers in a whole new way

Professional, branded podcasts for content marketing don't have to be daunting.

Fact: 21% of Americans have listened to a podcast in 2016—up from 17% the prior year. That makes now a great time for your business to take advantage of this growing content marketing opportunity.

Of course, not all podcasts are created equal. To produce a show that doesn’t sound like it was recorded in someone’s basement, you will want to start by not recording it in someone's basement. As Buffalo’s first professional podcast recording studio, Too Much Neon makes it quick and easy to create polished, effective audio content.

Professional Podcasting Studio

We specialize in helping businesses who want to podcast for content marketing purposes. Content marketing can be a very beneficial marketing strategy for businesses, but the expectation is that businesses will create original content at least 65% of the time.

We help businesses reach their content marketing goals by creating branded turnkey podcasts.

Our Jumpstart program will get a new show started the right way. Our diverse team of creative professionals will concept a show with your business's marketing goals in mind. You then work with our professional voiceover coach  who ensures that your host will sound like a pro, even if it's Larry from accounting. We guide businesses through practice sessions and outlining their pilot episode. When we've prepped the show and it's time to start recording sessions our professional audio engineers step in to do the recording and editing for clients.

For our branded podcasts we set up all the technical details, such as: music, intro audio, voice overs, and ad spots to fit your show.

For fully turnkey podcast we return those sessions to you within 5 business days. The benefit is a professional podcast without the large time commitments that come with recording and editing sessions yourself.

We understand that different businesses have different budgets. To find out just how affordable a podcast could be for your business schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss the various options that Too Much Neon can provide. 

Don’t just take our word for it:

How it works

For our full service podcasts we provide everything you need to get your podcast off the ground and into the ears of your customers.

  • Our studio features professional equipment, experienced audio engineers, and full editing capabilities
  • We help you to concept your show with your business’ strategy in mind
  • We handle all the technical details, including music, intro audio, voice overs, and ad spots
  • We record and edit your sessions before returning the fully produced show to you within 3 business days.
  • We provide fully turnkey podcasts including: transcriptions, rss feeds, and upload services.
  • We set up a custom app and web page that is updated every time a new show is posted.  

Podcast post-production services.

If you already have a branded podcast, you know how time consuming editing each episode can be. So why not streamline the process with our professional post-production service? As the subject expert, you handle the recording, then we’ll take care of the rest. Our audio engineers are ready to become an extension of your team to help you hit your tight deadlines and keep things moving as efficiently as possible—all while producing high-quality content.

You wouldn’t let an intern publish a blog post without editing it, would you? So then why DIY your brand’s podcast? Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on connecting with your customers.

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