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Use our professional podcast studio to record your podcast with a Too Much Neon Studio Membership!

As Buffalo’s first professional podcast studio, Too Much Neon makes it easy to create professional-sounding podcasts. Too Much Neon Studio Members gain access to our studio, its professional grade equipment, as well as educational sessions. New members also receive a FREE 15 minute studio orientation with one of our engineers to get an overview of studio equipment.

Most DIY podcasters are stuck using less than ideal audio equipment in less than ideal environments. With a Too Much Neon Studio Membership we hope to help DIY podcasters elevate their content and the brand of their podcast.

Podcast Studio Members

How it works.

With your Too Much Neon Studio Membership you get:

Looking for podcast post-production services?

Already consider yourself a podcasting pro and looking to take things to the next level? Cross editing off your to-do list with our professional post-production services. Just send us the raw audio and our engineers will work their magic to produce a top-notch episode, complete with music, sound effects, sound levels and mixing, and more. If you really want a turnkey solution we can handle uploads, show notes, and all the details of a weekly or even daily show. 

If you don't want your podcast to sound like you recorded it in your basement, then don't record it in your basement.

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